About Us

MD Trust is a Romanian company established in 2006, with extensive experience in building and maintaining telecom networks throughout Europe.

With a team of nearly 100 telecom engineers and specialized intervention workers, MD Trust is geographically flexible, optimized to cover specific regions in any European country.

Owning its construction equipment (including excavators, compact excavators, trucks and off-road vehicles) for basic duties, renting for added flexibility and fast intervention abroad, Md Trust is highly specialized in the telecom installation and maintenance work: Phone lines (TDM, IP), Communication Network FO and Cu, Wireless, Satellite installations, Civil Engineering and Networking Maintenance.

Our Services

  1. Survey, design and engineering

    We provide solutions. Assessments, solutions and planning for upgrading network coverage or maintaining its quality standards.


  2. Installation Services

    We make things happen. One stop shop to connect end users and sites: from surveys and local agreements to necessary civil works, cable drawing and connection.

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  3. Maintenance and Interventions

    We keep things going. Whether it’s about day to day maintenance work or urgent interventions, our teams are ready to be deployed to ensure service continuity.


Our Principles

Every day,  we

  • adapt to our customer’s needs and requests
  • proactively find solutions and ways to improve our efficiency
  • are reliable and long-term oriented
  • are geographically flexible
  • are doing everything in a timely manner

Our Specialists

  • We employ almost 100 telecom specialists, most of them with up to 10 years of experience with telco infrastructure and specific technical issues;
  • 25 intervention and installation teams set-up in Romania and Belgium, all provided with all-terrain vehicles, work gear and measurement gear in order to resolve in a timely manner any technical situation they are confronted with
  • Additional working gear and equipment is available in order to meet our customer’s procedures, special requests and local regulations
  • The work procedures, as well as the entire set of documentation accompanying our activities are implemented according to our client’s procedures, in order to insure full compatibility and the highest standard of client service; the intervention reports are rigorously handed in to our customer’s project managers for follow-up and feedback

Our Customers