Our services

We provide:

Outsourcing for survey, design, engineering, installation, maintenance and intervention regarding telecommunication networks in Europe, including turn-key projects.

Our range of expertise:

Installation of Fiber Optics and Cu cables, communication equipment, long-range phone lines intervention and installation for companies involved in telephony, broadband, CATV, networking, Internet and radio, DTH.

Services Details

Survey , design and engineering
  • Studying the connection possibility or providing connection solutions for upgrading the network coverage or maintaining the quality standards of the Internet / TV service supply.
  • The complex surveys continue with the design stage, being fully documented with placement projects for the equipment and support elements (supports, cases etc.) as well as providing connection solutions for accessing the 220V power network.
  • The projects also contain all the engineering information needed to authorize and implement the installation, including description of necessary works and detailed equipment requirements.
Installation Services
  • Actually connecting end-users and sites through point to point or point to multipoint connections. We provide a full service, starting with on-site evaluation and obtaining local agreements.
  • Digging the ditches, installing cable tubes and visiting cabinets, drawing FO/Cu
  • Standard installations also involve: finding the best equipment installation solution, finding, identifying and accessing long-range telephone lines, drawing RF cables and bifilar 220 V, connecting all the equipment to the network and checking up the connection (quality and speed)

Including permanent contact with the local authorities, facilitating authorizations and agreements and coordinating the installation works with other municipal activities

Removals, Maintenance, Interventions
  • Removals: recovering the equipment from clients who currently use a different substructure or who do not use our client’s services anymore.
  • Maintenance: regular equipment maintenance (wiring, equipment maintenance and positioning etc.).
  • Interventions: 24h a day, 7days a week remote or on site intervention for solving malfunctions or dealing with connection issues, in order to reestablish the connection and/or ensure the quality of the connection.

Available equipment

Truck and large excavator for improved productivity in large scale projects

Small excavators for  standard FO or CU cable installation

Air compressors

Road vehicles and  trailers for fast transport and deployment of workers and equipment

Off-road vehicles for reliable access in remote areas